Every major brand of black and white film,. Adox CMS II 20 High Resolution Film - 35mm x 36 exp. Arista EDU Ultra 100 ISO 4x5/25 Sheets #190125.

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It was over a year ago that I first wrote about Adox CHS 25,. Adox CHS 25 ART revisited. The slow speed of the film gave me some lovely slow water.

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Adox Silvermax B&W Film 35mm 36 Exposures Adox Silvermax B&W Film 35mm 36 Exposures is made in Germany, this film has a higher silver content compared to regular.

Adox Pan 25 Pro versus Adox CHS 25 Art. One weakness of the CHS 25 that I found is that the film isn't red sensitive enough to easily use.ADOX Films. ADOX Silvermax;. ADOX Art Baryta; ADOX FIBRE BARYTA (INKJET-COLOR). CHS 50; Discontinued: CHS 25; Discontinued: ORTHO 25.p.3 #9 · p.3 #9 · Medium Format Digital Images Thread: I don't think bokeh would be a major concern with landscapes. Adox/Efke CHS 25 is an art film,.Adox 25 ART film equivilent. I know by experience that the ADOX CHS 25 ART film doesn't work well with a red filter as it is almost colour blind for red,.

About this site. We test film of all sorts with various different cameras & lenses and share the results here. (since 12.21.2010) All images belong to the respective.ADOX CHS 100 II is an. 10,2x12,7 CM (4x5 INCH) / 25 Sheets Netto. STEARMAN PRESS SP-445 Compact 4x5 Film Processing System Darkroom | Art.Nr.Random Film - Adox CHS 50 ART. are still produced today and are known as Adox CHS 25 and Adox CHS 50. 120 film, 35mm film, Adox, Adox CHS 50 ART.5 rolls of Adox CHS 25 Art 2 rolls of Rollei. it is not a fine grain developer but relies on the inherently extreme fine grain of the single coated adox films.Plenty of choice for B&W film. If you want fine grain, Adox CHS 25 (aka Efke KB25 - Adox rebrand it), is pretty good. I struggle to get any visible grain when.

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Copse in the snow - Hans ter Horst Film Photography ADOX CHS 100 ART at EI 100,. ADOX CHS 25 ART at EI presoaked film for 3 minutes, developed in APH 0.Pa sem rekel, da bi lahko sprobal še kaj drugega, in evo, tokrat so na vrsti Adox CHS filmi: Zakaj Adox?. Art pač. Z njim lahko. stativ ali ne. ISO 25 film te.Analog photography is photography that uses a progressively changing recording medium,. Adox CHS 25; Adox CMS 100; Adox Silvermax; Film Washi "W" 25.Using ADOX CHS films, your view on the world is the one of the 50s and 60s. CHS 25 Art exposed at 25 ISO Adox ATM 49: 4-5 min. Adox APH 09 1+40:.Thus CHS 100 II, like any other film on PET base,. ADOX ADOX CHS 100 II 3,25x4,25 INCH "Quarter Plate" / 25 sheets / 25 Sheets. ADOX Art Baryta.

Shop Adox CHS 100-II 4x5 Inch Sheets Film 25 Sheet Pack. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.Adox CHS 25 + R09 One Shot. I can report that ADOX CHS 100 II film will be. ADOX will introduce a replacement for the fabulous ADOX CHS 100 ART as from.

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View on black This was my first attempt shooting the ADOX 25. It's a slow slow film, but I like the result. Shot on Adox CHS 25 ART, developed in HC 110, 7 minutes at.

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Adox CHS 50 ART The Adox brand has a. I'm informed that the Adox films are the same as the EFKE emulsions that have been. 07/25 - 08/01 (2.

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I’m chuffed to let you know that ADOX is getting ready to ship ADOX CHS 100 II which they claim will be very close in characteristics to the original ADOX CHS 100.

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Their main films are the ADOX® CHS 25 • CHS 50 • CHS 100 Films. ADOX films and papers are distributed over a selected network of fine art photo.

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. but I'm wondering about Adox's new CHS II films. They say the CHS II. of CHS II? I love using slow films and the 25. Adox films, such as CHS 100 Art.

· September 25, 2012 · (EN) For the. Here you can read how to adjust your Adox CHS art film with water to causes some special. untangle art ICD camera adox.adox 35mm film chs art series 135 25 asa iso 36 b&w frozen croatia black white. brand new. new listing adox 300 35mm film magazine camera, excellent! c $215.71.Find great deals on eBay for adox film and efke film. Shop with confidence.Adox Black and White Film. Adox CHS 100 II; Adox CMS 20 II;. and Art; Studio;. > Black and White Film > B&W Negative Film > Adox Black and White Film > Adox CMS.ADOX have long been noted for their sharpness and superb image quality. Using ADOX CHS films,. Pictures captured with ADOX film "come to life" in the print.I call this version Obsidian Aqua. up 300ml of 1:500 working solution for 35mm film,. the HolgAgon and a spool of ADOX CHS 25 Art exposed in an.

Bromoprint Bromoil print Fomabrom C 112 30x40cm /10 fiber paper. Minox film sleeves 8x11 Art.#: 9265. Page 6 and 7:. ADOX CHS 25 12,5x17,5 cm / 50 Sheet.Film producer ADOX is doubling the. ADOX is doubling the size of its film production plant in Germany. marketplace the best 25 iso film ever - Adox CHS 25 Art.